Campaign themes

Here I've written my thoughts on some central themes related to communal politics. More answers along with the arguments can be found in the Yle election compass. If you'd like to hear about other issues or tell me your thoughts, contact me through one of the social medias, with the contact form or via email at

Care for your environment

We only have one Turku, one Suomi and one Earth. We must act boldly to reach our climate goals in Turku. The express route reform of mass transit must finally be put into action and cycling must be lifted to be an equal form of traffic.

Economy and technology

The citizen's money must be used wisely. Public services will be made more efficient by utilising technology better – but of course taking all our citizens into account. The future of Turku will be created by making bold, but always profitable and well-founded investments.

Open and good governance

Turku will open both the decision-making processes and the overall functions for example by providing more open data. Decisions are done based on facts and careful research.

Let's keep in touch

Every elected representative represents all the citizens of the city, not just themselves or just their own voters. I will openly discuss my actions and decisions, hear thoughts and answer questions – both now and after the election.