Join us

Did you find the issues important to you in my themes, or would you maybe like to tell me what you think I should concentrate on? Would you like to support the campaign of a new, enthusiastic city councellor but don't really know how? Or would you rather stay politically in the closet, but you'd still kinda want to see how a campaign is done?

Great news! There are countless ways to participate, and each of them is equally important! A successful campaign requires skills, time, a bit of money too, but also lots of different people to give tips, comments and advice. Would you like to be involved in one way or another? Leave your name and email address here and I'll reach out to you! You can already tell me how you'd like to help or we can figure that out together. And fear not, you're not committing to anything – if you find out you'd rather not do anything, that's fine too. Below are just a few examples on how you could participate. I'm certain we can figure out a suitable way for everyone to get involved!

What would you like to do?
The core group is responsible for the whole campaign and has regular meetings during the election period.
This can, for example, include handing out flyers
Giving a public recommendation of me to be published on the website or in social media
You can donate to my campaign here (unfortunately the form is currently only in Finnish; if you need help with it, send me a message with this form)