Who's Jyri-Petteri?

Hi! I'm Jyri-Petteri Paloposki, a 33 year old IT entrepreneur and non-profit fiend. I moved to Turku from Hämeenlinna in autumn 2009 to begin with my computer science studies in the University of Turku. The Turku digital media scene got a hold of me pretty soon and I got a bit side tracked from my studies – after a short stint as a freelancer I worked full-time on the field for almost ten years. I returned to the university a few years ago to continue my studies and also founded my own company, with which I'm working on web service development and a bunch of other IT things.

I've been an active scout for somewhat my whole life, and shortly after moving to Turku I ended up in Turun Sinikotkat, a local scout group, in which I've volunteered a number of years as a cub scout leader and also a few years as a local group leader, among other things. Forward a few years to 2018 to 2020, during which I've volunteered in the board of the Scouts and Guides of Finland, the largest youth organisation in Finland, where I was responsible for our finance sector, which also contains our information systems and private fundraising.

I am and have been also active in a number of student organisations, including the computer science student's association Asteriski and a TYY hiking and nature organisation called Akateeminen partiokilta (The Academic Scout Guild).

I'm currently volunteering as a board member of the Turku Greens and Greens for Science and Technology in Finland Proper.

Work experience

  • 2019– Entrepreneur, Ardcoras oy, Turku
  • 2016–2018 Software architect, Citrus Solutions Oy, Turku
  • 2013–2016 Software architect, Avoltus Oy, Turku
  • 2011–2013 CIO, Aucor Oy, Turku
  • 2007–2009 Security guard, Vartiointiliike ja etsivätoimisto Linnan Vartijat, Hämeenlinna
  • 2007 Mail sorter, Posti Oyj, Hämeenlinna

Public positions

  • 2021– Lay member of the District court of Southwest Finland

Volunteer work

A few examples of my volunteering experience.

  • 2022 Chairperson, The Turku Greens
  • 2022 Member of the board, Greens in Finland Proper
  • 2021–2022 Member of the board, The Turku Green municipal association
  • 2021 Member of the board (communications), The Turku Greens
  • 2021 Member of the board, Greens for Science and Technology in Finland Proper
  • 2021 Treasurer, the Savo-Karelian nation of the University of Turku
  • 2020 Communications team member, Greens in Finland Proper
  • 2018–2020 Member of the board (finance), The Guides and Scouts of Finland ry
  • 2015–2016 Local group leader, Turun Sinikotkat ry
  • 2012–2013 Member of the board (communications), Häme scout district
  • 2010–2013 Systems manager, The Guides and Scouts of Finland ry
  • 2010–2013 Treasurer, Turku Agile Group ry
  • 2010 Treasurer, Asteriski ry


  • 2009– Student of Computer Science, University of Turku
  • 2007 Matriculation examination, Kaurialan lukio, Hämeenlinna


  • 2020 Silver medal of the Guides and Scouts of Finland
  • 2019 Silver medal of the scout district of South-West Finland
  • 2017 Asteriski's badge of merit
  • 2013 Bronze plaquette of merit of the Tavastia scout district
  • 2013 Bronze medal of the Guides and Scouts of Finland
  • 2012 Sash of the Student Union of the University of Turku
  • 2009 Bronze medal of the Tavastia scout district
  • 2007 II class Mannerheim buckle of the Guides and Scouts of Finland